How can you proactively use Best Whey protein powder for weight gain- Muscle Fuel

Gaining weight is nothing but simply consuming more calories than the actual requirements of your body. Protein shake can help you to gain body weight or indeed a healthy body weight consistently. You need to take one or two scoops of quality Best Whey protein powder in a glass of water or milk. When you are trying to gain weight, it is advisable that you take milk instead of water. The calories of protein powder vary a lot and it depends on the type of protein you are using. Generally, you can get 140 calories to 262 calories per serving of protein shake.

Just as it is dangerous for the health to drop more than one kg per week, similarly, gaining weight should also be done at a consistent rate. You should focus on gaining just one pound every week and each pound is simply equals to 3500 calories. It means that apart from the actual calories that your body need every day, you should consume just 3500 calories more in 7 days. So, you should keep a check on your food items and plan accordingly so that all of a sudden you just don’t increase your weight abruptly.

You can balance these 3500 calories per week by consuming just 500 extra calories every day. These 500 calories can be taken in the form of two egg & whey protein shakes every day. Basically, two shakes in a day will add up to just 524 calories or what you exactly need in excess of your every day diet.

Apart from just taking the extra protein your body needs to gain weight, you also have to focus on muscle gaining exercises. Strength training can definitely help you to add extra muscle mass as well as provide you with that toned look and additional weight.

If you have plans for bulking up or simply getting stronger, it is essential that you intake the protein shake just after you complete the workout session. Taking protein shake or consuming protein through meals after completing the workout means that you are supplying your body with amino acids that can support the muscle repair. Moreover, you should keep on taking protein with your meals throughout the day in order to ensure that your energy level stay high and you are also satisfied with your healthy diet regimen.

Believe me, if you follow a balanced and nutritious diet properly, you can definitely gain one pound per week.

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